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Kate Swanlund

Based in Toronto, I assist individuals and businesses throughout Ontario and the nation with a diverse range of entertainment law matters, from contract negotiations to intellectual property protection.


  • Business Law
  • Entertainment Law
  • Family Law


My clients comprise celebrities, artists, sports figures and performers, along with businesses and government entities. I am committed to offering each of these clients tailored, effective solutions by applying my 15 years of experience at a large law firm to every case. I regularly help my clients negotiate the production, distribution and licensing of their art, motion pictures, software and other products. I also assist creative artists in registering copyrights, conducting due diligence on trademarks and legally enforcing intellectual property rights. I additionally work with larger entities, including museums and art galleries, to negotiate agreements for art installations or sales.

I regularly guide start-ups and established businesses through various complex processes, from selecting the optimal business structure to navigating joint ventures and mergers. I also assist clients who are buying, leasing, managing or investing in real estate. When drafting contracts to govern any of these actions, I pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that each client’s interests are thoroughly protected.

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