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Immigration Law

The Best Immigration Attorneys in Toronto. Over 15,000 cases Approved. Whether it’s Investment, Employment or Family based Visa, Magnusson & Partners will Advise you as to your Best Next Step. Your Canadian Dream starts now!

If you are an immigrant ready to invest in your future, it is important to find an immigration lawyer who has both skill in immigration law and a genuine caring for their clients. At Magnusson & Partners, our award-winning team believes that what we are fighting for is much greater than just your rights. We fight to open up opportunities, bring families together, and provide hope for the future.

Our Values

The attorneys and staff at Magnusson & Partners of Toronto admire the individuals who come here for a better life for themselves and their family. We are honored to help them achieve their version of the Canadian dream and humbled that they have chosen us to guide them in this journey.

Our Mission

Magnusson & Partners of Toronto assists immigrants in achieving their Canadian Dream. In a time when so many law firms farm out their legal work to workers in other countries, we provide a level of individual attention that is rare in immigration law. We treat our clients and their family like our family, we treat their businesses like our own, and we help them turn their investments into a path for a successful life and career here in Canada.

Our Vision

Magnusson & Partners seeks to create a safe haven for immigrants. We are a law firm that is on the side of the immigrants. We cherish their dreams, believe in their abilities and deeply value their love for their family. In a time when many in our country have forgotten their immigrant roots, we have doubled-down on welcoming and assisting immigrants into our communities.